• Auburn Correctional Facility

Auburn, NY

Replace Windows (A&B Block No. 5)

NYS Office of General Services (NYSOGS) and The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) indicated a need to replace existing steel windows and separate single panes of glass with energy-efficient windows and glazing system. An evaluation and analysis of existing conditions were conducted for the windows. Energy modeling was performed on the building to assist in the selection of the frame and glazing while staying sensitive to security concerns.

Project Information

  • The recommended scope of work included using steel, maximum security detention windows with low-emissivity coated glass to reduce heat loss and fuel consumption
  • The building is south-facing and there is no air conditioning. The windows reduce heat gain in summer and enhance comfort and well-being of the occupants
  • In addition to the recommended scope of work, seven individual window options, with estimated building costs, were provided in the program report